The Magnolia Ice Cream House Is Back!

Originally posted on October 19, 2012

The new Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House at Robinsons Magnolia

REMEMBER the Magnolia Ice Cream House along Aurora Blvd. in Quezon City that you used to go to with your parents and siblings after Sunday Mass when you were small? Felt bad when it closed shop and gave way to urban development in recent years? Well, it’s back – with a vengeance!

The cozy and comfy interiors of the Magnolia Flavor House

Though the Magnolia Ice Cream Plant with the spacious and cozy ice cream house beside it is long gone, the memories of dining with the family and sharing mouth-watering ice cream concoctions remain. Generations of Filipinos feel a deep sense of nostalgia when talking about the place, and the idea of reviving these memories of old is constantly in everyone’s mind. So, now that Magnolia Ice Cream has opened the new Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House at Robinsons Magnolia, the mall that took the place of the Magnolia Ice Cream Plant, a lot of old habitués felt overjoyed.

The new Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House brings back fond childhood memories despite its contemporary setting because it’s ingeniously situated, no, not inside the mall, but outside – on its own, a free-standing, round ice cream house with glass windows that allow diners to enjoy their food and ice cream with a view of the garden.

Ice cream concoctions on the menu of the Magnolia Flavor House, clockwise from top left: Chunky Monkey, Merry-Go-Round, Red Velvet, Dare Devil and Parfait

“The new Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House offers the same quality ice cream you have come to love, the same friendly service from the staff, and a great atmosphere for you, your friends and your family. And while we want to bring you back to those happy days at the old ice cream house, we are also catering to our consumers’ evolving tastes in today’s environment,” says San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc. president Francisco Alejo III.

Apart from the fact that the staff wears nostalgia-inspired uniforms that bring you back to those good ol’ times, the new Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House also serves the all-time classics that the old ice cream house became known for, including Black ‘n White, Banana Split and Peach Melba Sundae. These will share stellar billing on the menu with new concoctions such as Chunky Monkey, Red Velvet, Dare Devil, Merry Go Round, Parfait and Mango Crepe. Treats for the kids include The Avengers-themed Fruit Energy Cereals, Thor’s Almighty Crepe and Amazing Batman’s Brownie Overload.

In keeping with the trends of the times, the place will also serve Cold Stone Ice Creams, with Banana Overload, Citrus Vanilla Mango, Cookie Monster, Double Dutch, Candy Land and Butternut as choices.

At the same time, it will offer a whole range of salads, pastas, burgers, sandwiches and pizzas.

The three new flavor variants of Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines line: Durian Pastillas (Davao), Caramel Cashew Fudge (Palawan) and Pinipig Pandan (Pampanga)

Cookie Monster from Magnolia Ice Cream’s Frozen Delights line now comes in Choco Classic, Choco Halzenut and Choco Caramel flavors

During the grand launch of the Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House, Magnolia Ice Cream also introduced the three new flavor additions to its Best of the Philippines line: Pinipig Pandan representing Pampanga, Durian Pastillas for Davao, and Caramel Cashew Fudge reminding everyone of Palawan. Also launched were the new variants of Magnolia’s Cookie Monster Frozen Delights, Choco Caramel and Choco Hazelnut, to go with the Classic.

Chef Maricel Manalo, head of the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center, shows guests how to put together Elmo’s Swirl

Guests were also treated to a taste of Elmo’s Swirl, an ice cream concoction named after celebrity endorser Elmo Magalona which will be made available at the Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House. It’s three scoops of Magnolia Ice Cream’s old favorites Black ‘n White and Dare Devil (now available in tubs), with fresh strawberries, 3 pcs. of chocolate cookies, a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup/shell, plus whipped cream. Chef Maricel Manalo, head of the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center, conducted a brief demo of how to assemble Elmo’s Swirl in a parfait glass, and then the guests got to try it.

The old and the new, nostalgia and contemporary times… They came together on the day the dear ol’ Magnolia Ice Cream House made a comeback. The good times are back, so let the good times roll…

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