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Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea

TWG Tea's new Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea

TWG Tea’s new Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea

WHO says haute couture is the sole dominion of fashion? Now you can have haute couture tea , as TWG Tea, one of the finest luxury tea companies in the world, unveils its new newest whimsical addition to its celebrated Haute Couture Tea Collection—Red Balloon Tea.

Up, up and away we go on a journey of childlike wonder and discovery, beckoning dreams of magic and enchantment in a cup of tea, and embracing memories of adolescence in a simpler carefree time. The Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea takes us on a magical flight of the imagination, with the iconic red balloon stringing along on our quest for new horizons in the world of luxury tea.

The aroma alone as you pop up the lid of the tin can that contains the loose leaf Red Balloon Tea—sweet, floral and citrussy—is already a treat for the soul and a whiff of freshness on the senses.

This airy, theine-free red tea sparkles with overtones of crunchy nashi fruit, even as bright blueberries lend their tangy sweetness to it. Red tea, also called rooibos, is produced from a bush known as the Aspalathus linearis in South Africa and contains a high level of antioxidants. It is also rich in Vitamin C, mineral salts and protein, so it can be enjoyed by tea lovers of all ages without any problem. Encased in a luxurious gold-embossed gift box, the Red Balloon Tea is perfect for whiling away time on a cozy evening, although it can really be enjoyed any time of the day.

Available at all TWG Tea Salon and Boutique branches, Red Balloon Tea retails at Php1,595.


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