Foodpanda Goes Green:
No Cutlery Unless You Need It

Foodpanda is revolutionizing the food delivery service industry by launching the "opt-in and opt-out" plasticcutlery option

Foodpanda is revolutionizing the food delivery service industry by launching the “opt-in and opt-out” plastic cutlery option

WHEN you order takeout or delivery, your food usually comes with a few sets of disposable cutlery. Sometimes, the cutlery included is one too many or, worse, not used at all. What’s worst is that disposable cutlery is made of plastic, and too much plastic is bad.

This is going to change now that foodpanda—an online food delivery service with over 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 Asian and Central Europe countries—has waged war against plastics by launching an opt-in and opt-out function for plastic cutlery. Starting this June (201Smilie: 8), customers of the food delivery service’s partner restaurants will have the option to say “no” to disposable cutlery. Since regular cutlery is readily available in most offices and homes, foodpanda is hoping this initiative will significantly reduce the use of plastic cutlery. The “no cutlery” option is being supported by more than 50 participating restaurant partners of foodpanda, such as S&R New York Style Pizza, Yabu, Tim Ho Wan and Frankie’s across its three key cities in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Davao.

foodpanda - Cutlery PR (20180525-2)The opt-in a opt-out cutlery function is the first step in the food delivery company’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. Other initiatives in the pipeline for the coming months include replacing plastic bags with brown paper bags and increasing the number of cyclists and walkers in the delivery fleet, with hopes that less motorized vehicles will be used in delivering food to customers.

These combined initiatives shall hopefully encourage customers to do away with plastic cutlery when they order food and therefore reduce the overall environmental impact of food and plastic wastage in the country.

“We hope that this campaign would encourage customers to opt out of disposable  cutlery since many of them are ordering food from their homes or offices. We estimate that this option can help reduce usage of plastic utensils by 30% in 2018,” says Iacopo Rovere, CEO of foodpanda Philippines.

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