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Twenty Two Jupiter Bistro Bar:
Resto By Day, Bar By Night

HOW would you like Wild Mushroom Truffle Pasta, Bone Marrow Foie Gras Burger, Bagnet with Thai Sauce, Tenderloin with Spiced Taro, Stuffed Squid with Black Ink Rice, or Paella Negra for your lunch or dinner? Sounds delicious? They are. These … Continue reading

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Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico:
Delicious and Affordable Filipino Buffet

GOOD news for food lovers who like to dine buffet style: There’s a new buffet to try, and it’s not just any buffet but one that’s put together by celebrity chef Roland Laudico. It’s called Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico, and … Continue reading

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The Best Paella in Town!

THE true test of a good Spanish restaurant is in its paella, callos and lengua. Using this gauge, Alba Restaurante Español passes with flying colors. These three Spanish dishes are, after all, some of the best-selling specialty dishes of Alba … Continue reading

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