Pinoy Vegetarian Cookbook
Has a New Look!

IN 2011, my very first cookbook, Pinoy Vegetarian Cookbook, was launched in the market.

Published by Anvil Publishing Inc., the book featured 60 delicious and easy-to-prepare Pinoy and Chinoy vegetarian recipes that stayed true to its tagline, “60 Recipes Even Non-vegetarians Would Love.” I co-authored it with my eldest sister Susana T. Dy, and we kitchen-tested the recipes at home.

We came up with the recipes because she and our late mom went vegetarian on certain days of the month, just like other Chinoy families who did it as a panata or act of penance for something they had been praying about. And on their vegetarian days, when they ordered vegetarian food or cook a vegetarian dish or two, I ate with them and I actually liked it. So, we collected all the vegetarian recipes, added a few new ideas, and put them all together in this cookbook. Our efforts resulted in Pinoy Vegetarian Cookbook, which took home the National Winner honor for the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the Gourmand Awards 2011 and was thus shortlisted for international honors for the same category that year.

The cookbook went through several printings in the years that followed and, this year (201Smilie: 8), on its fifth printing, Pinoy Vegetarian Cookbook has a new look. It flashes a brand new cover, with Corn Salad on Cherry Tomatoes ushering readers into the world of vegetarian cooking and healthy eating.

Pinoy Vegetarian Cookbook. Available at National Bookstore branches at Php250 per copy.

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