San Sebastian Cheesecake
by Mateo’s Is Awesome!

San Sebastian Cheesecake by Mateo’s

JUST when you thought you have tried all kinds of cheesecakes and picked your favorite, here comes a new cheesecake you will definitely fall in love with: San Sebastiάn Cheesecake by Mateo’s.

Burnt edges and a crater-like sunken core characterize this Basque-style cheesecake

This baked cheesecake is named after San Sebastiάn, Spain, where this Basque-style burnt top cheesecake is famous. Understandably, it also goes by the names Burnt Basque Cheesecake and La Viña Cheesecake, La Viña being a tapas bar in San Sebastiάn where the recipe for the cheesecake originated from. Recognized by Bloomberg as the hottest dessert of 2019 worldwide, the crust-less cheesecake is beautiful and delicious for all its imperfections. Not formulated to be perfect, it is characterized by a crater-like sunken core with singed edges, scorched areas, pattern-less little cracks, and uneven sides. Yet all these contribute to its heavenly taste.

San Sebastiάn Cheesecake by Mateo’s is all that—and more. The cheesecake “within” the gorgeously burnt surface is so smooth and creamy that it will melt in your mouth. The burnt corners add a slightly bitter, caramelized intensity to the flavor that is so addictive you will definitely want more. And you can have the whole cake, freshly baked by Mateo’s Bea Policarpio, delivered right to your doorstep via Grab. For bulk orders, Bea personally delivers.

Place your order now by calling Mateo’s at 0917-6711788. One bite would make you change your whole perspective on cheesecakes and pick a new favorite.

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