Cravings’ Chocolate Caramel Cake:
Enjoy a Slice with Coffee

Cravings’ Chocolate Caramel Cake

NOTHING beats the pleasure of eating a slice of moist chocolate cake with sips of coffee at a leisurely pace on a quiet Saturday afternoon. So, how about a slice of that Chocolate Caramel Cake from Cravings that you have been craving for?

A Cravings original since 1989, Chocolate Caramel Cake combines two awesome stuff—chocolate and caramel—in a two-layer moist dark chocolate cake smothered with caramel icing and piped with thin, swirling strokes of chocolate icing. Easy to slice through and not too sweet, it is a standard by which other chocolate cakes will be measured.

Enjoy a slice of Chocolate Caramel Cake with a cup of hot, strong coffee

Cravings’ Chocolate Caramel Cake was one of my birthday cakes last December (2019), courtesy of The Cravings Group and publicist Redge Jimenez-Lopez, and I loved having a slice with a cup of hot, strong coffee. It also impressed guests who came to the house to visit me and my husband Raff last Christmas season.

No matter how many different variations the chocolate cake has, a lot of which have even been formulated by some of the best pastry chefs in the country, Cravings’ Chocolate Caramel Cake is definitely one of the best!


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