Chef Theodore Day Salonga
Brings Laguna to Your Home

Pinais na Salmon Belly

CAN’T go to Laguna just yet because of complicated travel requirements due to the lockdown? Do not stress yourself out. Why not bring Laguna to your home, instead?

Now you can do so. Chef Theodore Day Salonga, the culinary brains behind Ted’s and Aurora Filipino Cuisine in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, has made to-go packs of Laguna’s heirloom dishes available in the market.

Cachuelang Dalag


Packaged in frozen form in sealed plastic bags are Cachuelang Dalag (dalag or mudfish simmered in hugas bigas and flavored with kamias and kasubha) for P250; Minanok (shredded puso ng saging cooked in burnt coconut cream, a survival dish during the war, when there was a scarcity of meats and the texture of puso ng saging was said to be similar to that of chicken) for P175; Ginataang Kalabaw (chunks of carabao slowly cooked in coconut milk and green papaya for 3 hours) for P250; Sinugno na Tilapia (two pieces of grilled tilapia in coconut cream) for P275; Inalamangan Lechon (slowly roasted pork belly in fresh alamang sauce) for P315; Pata Estofado (one whole pata slowly cooked in soy for 2 hours) for P600; Tinagang na Kanduli (kanduli cooked in coconut cream with turmeric) for P275; and Pinais na Salmon Belly (salmon belly wrapped in kulis and cooked in vinegar with garlic and ginger) for P275. All good for two to three persons, except for the Pata Estofado, which is good for three to five persons, the dishes are all Laguna heirloom recipes—cooked, portioned generously, and all ready to reheat and eat! Chef updated just one dish, the Pinais, which originally used ayungin fish, by replacing it with salmon belly slices. The fish switch works like a charm, and so the Pinais na Salmon Belly has become one of the best-sellers in the frozen ready-to-eat line.

Ginataang Kalabaw

Aurora Filipino Cuisine has made Laguna’s heirloom dishes readily available in frozen, ready to reheat and eat packs

All these dishes are available in Laguna via official distributors in key towns in Laguna, such as Los Baños, Calamba, Sta. Rosa, and Biñan. In Metro Manila, Aurora Filipino Cuisine also has partner distributors dispatching orders in Parañaque and Alabang, while Chef Day’s brother-in-law Chef Dino Datu keeps ready stock in his Quezon City residence for customers in the Northern part of Metro Manila.

To order, send a message via FB and IG @aurorafilipinocuisine or text/call 0917-5440820, make arrangements for pick-up or delivery, and the frozen food packs will be yours to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Stay safe, everyone!

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