Enjoy Two New Chocolate Treats
at Tim Hortons This Season

Enjoy White Hot Chocolate (left) an Chocolicious Donut (right) this rainy season


GOOD news for chocolate lovers: This rainy season of August, Tim Hortons offers two new chocolate treats—one doughnut and one hot drink—that is just perfect for keeping warm and comfortable even on rainy afternoons. The exciting new bite is Chocolicious Donut, and the de-stressing beverage is White Hot Chocolate.

Chocolicious Donut

Chocolicious Donut is a yeast-raised doughnut bursting with chocolate brownie filling. The doughnut is dipped in white fondant and then outlined with dark chocolate flakes. Bite into its soft bread, with the white fondant giving just the right degree of resistance as you sink your teeth into the doughnut, and allow the chocolate filling to fill your mouth with gooey goodness.

White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate is a rich chocolate drink with a perfect milky note, rich and smooth texture, and just the right amount of sweetness. The drink is topped with a generous piping of whipped cream.

Enjoy these two new chocolate treats at Tim Hortons.

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