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Signature Pinoy Panwiches

Delicious panwiches from XO46, from top: Beer Batter Fish, Chori Cheese Cramble, and Smoked Bagnet Crunch

WHO says you cannot make a sandwich or burger without the usual burger bun, Kaiser bun or loaf bread slices?

When in the Philippines, you can turn to the good ol’, reliable, all-time favorite pandesal for your sandwich. This is exactly what the husband-and-wife team behind XO46 Heritage Bistro, Andrew and Sandee Masigan, did with their executive chef Tanya Dizon. After a few kitchen experiments, they came up with three variants of Pinoy sandwiches which they called panwiches, perfected the formula for each, and launched them in the market.

The panwiches—Smoked Bagnet Crunch, Chori Cheese Scramble, and Beer Batter Fish—turned out to be a big success.

Smoked Bagnet Crunch Panwich served with camote chips and spiced vinegar on the side

Smoked Bagnet Crunch. The first concept that saw fruition in a panwich, Smoked Bagnet Crunch is chopped bagnet (pork crackling) sandwiched with layers of lettuce, XO46’s secret sauce, tomato, atsara and caramelized onion in a specially formulated XO46 signature pandesal.

Chori Cheese Scramble Panwich

Chori Cheese Scramble. It is a hefty, filling sandwich that has double Vigan longganisa patties with scrambled egg in between, layered with lettuce, XO46’s secret sauce, tomato and sliced cheese in the same XO46 signature pandesal. It is served with flavored vinegar on the side.

Beer Batter Fish

Beer Batter Fish. This is the guilt-free fish option to the two meat-based panwiches. A beer-battered whole tilapia fillet with sliced cheese and dill sauce sits on layers of lettuce and tomato, and sandwiched between halves of XO46’s signature pandesal.

More panwich variants are in the offing.

Meanwhile, all three panwiches are available for delivery all over Metro Manila through Grab, Lalamove and the XO46 in-house delivery team. For orders, call 8553-6566 or 0945-6158255.

The packaging, the individually wrapped panwiches, and the delicious panwiches within the packaging

(XO46 has branches located at Estancia Mall-Capitol Commons, S’Maison-Conrad Hotel, and Century Mall-Makati.)

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