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XO46 Now Serves…
Signature Pinoy Panwiches

WHO says you cannot make a sandwich or burger without the usual burger bun, Kaiser bun or loaf bread slices? When in the Philippines, you can turn to the good ol’, reliable, all-time favorite pandesal for your sandwich. This is … Continue reading

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XO46 Heritage Bistro
Opens New Branch at SM Aura

THE nationalistic couple, Andrew and Sandee Masigan, have a dream—to elevate Filipino cuisine to world-class status and make it at par with the best cuisines in the world. They also want to not just introduce but share it with the … Continue reading

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HUMBA is a Visayan staple dish of stewed pork, cooked in soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. In taste and in look, it is very similar to adobo, so much so that you can rightfully refer to it as the Visayan … Continue reading

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XO46’s ‘Philippines on a Plate’:
A Degustaćion Like No Other

TIME was when you could only take a tour of historical places to get a glimpse of important episodes in Philippine history. Now, you can also eat your way through Philippine history via Philippines on a Plate, a 10-course degustaćion … Continue reading

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This Food Tour Takes You Around the Philippines!

NORMALLY, when you do food tours, you go to a certain province or region and visit the local eateries there to sample the local cuisine. You do it one province or one region at a time. But there’s a unique … Continue reading

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