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Make Healthy Fresh Cheeses
with Top Quality California Milk

FOR the longest time, we Filipinos knew only a few types of cheese—basically Cheddar, quick-melt and cheese spread, aside from our native kesong-puti. Then came mozzarella cheese with a nice stretch for pizzas and Parmesan cheese for pasta dishes. Now, … Continue reading

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A Platter of California Cheeses
for Your New Year’s Celebration

ARE you planning to put together a cheese platter for your New Year’s Eve celebration? The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) suggests putting together different types of cheeses and serving these with some fresh and dried fruits and nuts on … Continue reading

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7 Must-try Cheeses from California

WE love cheese. We love to pair it with ham or bacon for a great sandwich for breakfast or merienda. We love loads of grated cheese on our spaghetti and ensaymada. More so on our pizza! We love the sharp … Continue reading

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It’s an Ice Cream Wonderland!

IMAGINE rows of chest freezers filled with all the ice cream you can imagine—on popsicles, bars, scoops on sugar cones or cups, mochi ice cream balls, gelato and frozen yogurt—and you can have as much as you fancy! This was … Continue reading

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California Cheeses for Christmas

WE’RE at the height of the Christmas celebration, which is replete with festive and delicious food, with ham and cheese being the stars of the dining table. But must the cheese always be queso de bola now that the ham … Continue reading

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