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Paskong Putong Puti
(The Maya Kitchen)

WHAT’S a Filipino Christmas celebration without lots of delicious kakanin (native delicacies)? Puto Bumbong, Bibingka… We’ve given you recipes of festive twists on these classic Pinoy holiday classics. Now, we share with you the recipe of yet another top favorite … Continue reading

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Tsokolate Puto Bumbong
(The Maya Kitchen)

THERE’S nothing like celebrating the Christmas season with native delicacies that have been closely identified with the holidays, such as Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. You can also give them a unique twist just so you’re giving your family a different … Continue reading

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(Kulinarya Tagala)

(Originally posted on April 10, 2012) BUDIN is a very popular kakanin or native delicacy in Quezon Province. It’s actually Cassava Cake, but Quezon folks call their version Budin. It’s so popular that visitors in Quezon always stop by local … Continue reading

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